Footer Credits on Twenty Twelve

To use Footer Putter on TwentyTwelve do the following steps:

  1. Set up Footer Putter to create the Footer widget area at the twentytwelve_credits hook
  2. Create a Footer Menu with for pages such as the Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions, Contact Us, etc
  3. Drag the Footer Copyright widget and the Trademarks Widget into the Footer Widget Area

Footer Putter Settings

Go to the Footer Credits menu option and enter your Footer Settings. In the Advanced section indicate that you want the widget area to be inserted at the twentytwelve_credits hook.

Screenshot of setting hook for TwentyTwelve

Menu Settings

In Appearance, Menus create a new Menu called Footer Menu and then add the pages for which you want to have links in the footer. Typically this will include some of the following: About, Contact, Privacy, Terms, Disclaimer, Affiliates, etc..

Widget Settings

In Appearance, Widgets drag a Footer Copyright widget into the Credibility Footer Widget Area and then configure it with the Footer Menu and decide whether or not you want to display copyright, telephone number and address details.

Screenshot of creating footer widgets

Hiding Powered By WordPress

The TwentyTwelve theme does not provide a hook or filter to hide the WordPress credit and hence neither does Footer Putter.

If you really want to remove the WordPress credit then you can remove line 17 of footer.php or if you just want to hide it for aesthetic reasons then you can do so by adding the following to the theme’s style.css file:

a[title='Semantic Personal Publishing Platform'] { display: none; }


  1. says

    Good Morning,

    I have tried to add the credit footer to our website but it is not showing. I assume I have done something wrong but cannot work out the proble. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi David,

      Have you set the Footer Hook as: twentytwelve_credits ?

      Have you dragged the footer copyright widget into the Credibility Footer widget area?

      Please always post your URL otherwise we are working blind.



  2. Lee says

    I’ve been looking for a good footer solution for me for some time with no success. This information was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for the simple to follow instructions and a footer with flexibility and a very professional look.

  3. mikael says

    This plugin is great, just a little problem for me, although my text appears on the home page, but shifted down to all the others. Will he do something?

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