How To Add A Different Footer On Landing Pages

Often you will want to have a footer on landing pages. And if you have a video or image background on that page you will probably want the footer to be less obtrusive. You also may want less information or different information in that footer.

Screenshot of Landing Page Footer

Pre-Requisite – A Footer Plugin

For this tutorial you will need either the free Footer Putter plugin or the premium Genesis Club Pro Plugin both of which allow you to do good things in the footer that build the site’s credibility.

Setting Up A Landing Page Footer

So what can you do is the following:

  1. Create a new menu called say Landing Menu and only add the pages you want to appear on landing pages
  2. Drag a new Footer Copyright widget into the Credibility Footer widget area
  3. Select Landing Menu as the menu
  4. Clear checkbox that spreads the footer over 2 lines as 1 line should be sufficient
  5. Clear checkboxes to hide the information such as address, telephone and email that you might want to hide on a landing page
  6. Clear checkbox, Show Return to Top Link if landing page is short. If it is a long form sales letter you might want a return to top link and maybe clear the checkbox that centers the footer in order that the return to top link is on the left and the menu and copyright is on the right
  7. Enter a pre-defined custom class small or tiny to make the text smaller
  8. Enter a pre-defined custom class of dark, light or white to create the right amount of contrast with the background. If none of these suit your landing page background then you will need to define your own class which you can enter in the same box
  9. Finally, click the Show Only On Landing Pages so that this footer widget is only displayed on landing pages


    • says

      On Genesis child themes a “landing page” is a page that uses the “Landing Page” template/

      More generally a landing page typically has no sidebar and no main menu. The page often has a site purposes which is to have the visitor either register with their email address for some service or offering, or to purchase a product.

  1. says

    Thanks for providing the WordPress community with a great plugin–Footer Putter.
    Using your plugin, I’m attempting to apply different footers to posts vs. pages. I am using an Omega child theme called Mobile. From what I can tell, I need to define a “Landing Page” template for this theme so I can define pages as landing vs. non-landing. Then, I can use the two different footers based on two different copyright widgets, one visible for landing pages and one visible for non-landing pages. Would you mind explaining to me how to go about doing this? Or, if there is an easier way, I’m all ears. I did try your instructions on this post and I didn’t have any luck.

    • says

      Hi Blake,

      If the object is to have one footer for pages and another for posts then use the Widget Logic plugin and in one Footer Copyright widget put the Widget Logic code snippet


      and the other put


      You can do this “Landing Page” templates but the above approach is much easier

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