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How To Add A Different Footer On Landing Pages

Often you will want to have a footer on landing pages. And if you have a video or image background on that page you will probably want the footer to be less obtrusive. You also may want less information or different information in that footer. Pre-Requisite – A Footer Plugin For this tutorial you will […]

How To Hide The Footer On Landing Pages

With earlier versions of the Genesis Club Pro plugin you needed to use the Widget Logic plugin to hide the footer widgets on landing pages. This involved typing in specific PHP which evaluated to true if the page is not a landing page: !is_page(‘landing_page.php’) Footer Widget Visibility Now, it is a lot easier, you have […]

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Using HTML5 Microdata In The Footer

In Footer Putter version 1.8, I added an option to express your organization contact details using HTML5 Microdata in the Footer Copyright widget. The reason to do this is supposedly better SEO and to add support for local search by providing a precise geographical location for your business. Google recommends use of microdata for your […]

Using The New Icon Fonts With WordPress

In WordPress 3.8, there is a new modern, clean style to the admin panel. There is also a choice of admin color schemes which each admin user can set under their Profile: In order to implement this WordPress have adopted the use of an Icon font specifically, Dashicons by Mel Choyce. The icons in the […]